Nick did it again… he played with our hearts. Okay, so he didn’t play with our hearts, he was amazing as always.

He took to his fan club yet again to talk to fans, this time doing an earlier time for fans in Europe.

Note: After Nick said he was going to do beanie hat’s with “Nick’s Chick” on them for his fans, sorry for the guys. I told him he should have “Nick’s Dicks” for the guys and he laughed and said it was funny. BAHAHA!

Think it should be “Dicks for Nick” now that I think about it.

Thanks to Louveamour on YouTube for the video!

2 thoughts on “Nick Carter’s fan club chat 5/20/14

  1. I was so happy after that chat. I know that for many of you it would mean nothing, but when he said “Uruguay, I see you Uruguay, it´s hard not to see you Uruguay!” I was so happy! They have never come to my country, and the only time I saw them was in Buenos Aires in 2001, but just the fact of he naming us at the same time we were writing was awesome. The uruguayan fans were really happy. Yes! He has THAT power on us 🙂

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