How the Backstreet Boys performed in separate homes in four different states is beyond me, but it just shows how talented the boys are!

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We all have our own ways to cope or get through things. For many of us, the boys are how we get through tough times. But how do the boys cope?

Based on their posts and interactions over the years, I put this “fun assessment” of our favorite guys.

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With the last date of the #DNAWorldTour in South America being canceled and the Coronavirus making people work from home, not work at all, overwork for those in service areas, and even cancel school, we as fangirls may just feel like we are in a rut. 

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With the world shackled by the Coronavirus, a lot of us are staying at home more, which means we are likely to get bored and need something to watch. Netflix and Hulu can only take us so far and how many times can we watch “Thor” before our eyes cross. 

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As we all know, the Backstreet Boys are all married men with children. When they leave to go out on tour, they are working and spending time away from their families, the people they love.

They are missing important moments of their family’s lives, such as Nick’s daughter’s first moments or Howie’s oldest son’s school plays, things that parents want to be there for.

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Note: This is a new series on where we question different things that the Backstreet Boys have done throughout their career. 

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Question: My question what is the best thing to say during a meet and greet to the boys? I have done it once and I was so flustered that I hardly said anything and I need advice for next time! -Sophie

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