I’m not big on this song and don’t see what the fascination is, but anything that makes Nick Carter look like he’s riding something and Jordan Knight humping the floor is okay with me.

Check out this video from St. Louis!


This was pretty much the last performance of the night, except for when they started singing the end of “One More Time” again and I was just pretty much loosing my shit at this point because Nick Carter singing a New Kids on the Block song is just magical in my eyes.

Plus, I freaked out thinking they were gonna do 10 times. If you’re a NKOTB fan, you KNOW what that is.

And Nick probably would have done it because he was pulling some Donnie Wahlberg moves!

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Again, I apologize for the singing, but once you see how AMAZING this performance was, you’ll understand why I was so into it. I had to grab Hannah’s arm at one point because I was videoing and was just INTO IT. I didn’t even realize I was singing, that’s how good it was.

He should keep this in his show. FOR – EV- ER.

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