Let’s face it … as Backstreet Boys fans we like to pride ourselves on knowing our five favorite guys like the back of our hands. 

I mean, who else is going to remember that Nick used to hate to leave his feet hanging off the side of the bed because he was afraid monsters would grab him? #ThanksTigerBeat

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I first saw Baylee Littrell, the son of a Brian and Leighanne Littrell, for the first time when he introduced his father’s band, the Backstreet Boys, on their “This Is Us” tour. I saw him several times since … going on stage with his father in Atlanta for the NKOTBSB show and opening up for the Backstreet Boys’ “In A World Like This” tour.  Continue reading “Thoughts: Baylee Littrell was born for this”

Happy birthday Leighanne Littrell! Leighanne’s birthday is July 20 and in some parts of the world, the day has already began!

While our Steph made an awesome post featuring fan photos (click HERE), we found this video while working on turning VHS tapes into DVDs for the big Boys On The Block video vault.

Check out the video below of Leighanne and Brian getting ready for their wedding back in 2000! Funny enough, I’m moving to Cobb County at the end of the month!


Its a very special lady’s birthday on July 20th and of course we couldn’t let is pass without celebrating it! Maybe even a day early. Happy birthday Leighanne! We hope Baylee and Brian are showering you with love on your special day!

From helping us shop on the Wylee trailer on tour to taking pictures with us. You are always so sweet and nice to us fans and we want you to know how amazing we think you are.

Happy birthday Leighanne!!!!


While 99.5 percent of us are happy the Backstreet Boys have found love, have beautiful families and have someone who loves them for themselves, sometimes we can’t help to find ourselves jealous of them.

Here are 5 times the strong women behind the Backstreet Boys have made us totally green with envy and full of jealousy.

5. Dress Up

Let’s admit to ourselves that at some point, we’ve all wanted to get a little “50 Shades” with one of the boys, but lucky Leighanne Littrell actually got to handcuff her husband because he was obviously a very bad boy.

A photo posted by Leighanne (@leighlittrell) on Oct 31, 2014 at 4:22pm PDT


4. Events

The boys have always been invited to the best events. And while Kristin and Leighanne have been to the most since they have been around the longest, how awesome must it be to be able to say to someone, “Oh no, I can’t hang out tomorrow. I’m going to the SNL 40th Anniversary Celebration.”


3. Love

The fact that they are so in love, that they can take photos like this to celebrate their anniversary.

2. Family

How could we not be jealous to have a beautiful family like this? The photo is the picture of perfection. Gorgeous husband and beautiful children, how lucky could they be?


1. Photos like this

How can one not have just a little ping of jealousy when we see photos like this? For instance, this photo speaks for itself. There are really no words to describe it.


The Backstreet Boys wives are awesome, but sometimes, we feel that ping of jealousy. Thank you Leighanne, Kristin, Lauren, Leigh and Rochelle for taking care of our men and making them happy.