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Question: What advice would you give to help make the boys remember you? – Silvia

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My how times have changed since we started “following” these guys back in the 90’s! Back then, the closest you could get to real-time updates from the boys was getting a glimpse of them in the TRL Studios. Now, we’re lucky enough to be able to “follow” them in a different way — on Instagram!

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Author’s Note: I have warm, fuzzy feelings when I think about each Backstreet Boy. This will be part of an ongoing series which covers first impressions of the boys.

If you’ve read my other posts, you’ll know that I’ve written my first impressions on Howie, Nick, AJ and Brian. I’ve re-written this blog post about 100 times because I felt like I wasn’t doing this person justice. It’s going to be a long one, so if you want, now is a good time to go grab a snack. Got your snack? Ok, here we go!

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Note: This is a new series on where we question different things that the Backstreet Boys have done throughout their career. 

Don’t get me wrong – “Just Want You To Know” is by far my favorite Backstreet Boys music video. I mean, there’s the ’80s nostalgia, the wigs, the clothes, the fandom outside in the parking lot and let’s not even start talking about Sphynkter itself. 

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DNA tour, Birmingham, AL, September 4, 2019


“I wish I was as dedicated and loyal to ANYTHING in my life as you are to the Backstreet Boys.” – Former Co-Worker 

Whether she meant it as a compliment or not, my former co-worker expressed a sentiment shared by many colleagues and friends in my life. And, as with most foreign concepts, there is a lot of curiosity around what it means to be a Backstreet Boys “fangirl.” Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions from people outside the fandom and my best responses (feel free to adapt and recycle where appropriate!).

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