How the Backstreet Boys performed in separate homes in four different states is beyond me, but it just shows how talented the boys are!

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We all have our own ways to cope or get through things. For many of us, the boys are how we get through tough times. But how do the boys cope?

Based on their posts and interactions over the years, I put this “fun assessment” of our favorite guys.

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With the last date of the #DNAWorldTour in South America being canceled and the Coronavirus making people work from home, not work at all, overwork for those in service areas, and even cancel school, we as fangirls may just feel like we are in a rut. 

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When I first became a fan of the Backstreet Boys, I shared my love of them with my best friends. We would listen to their music and watch their videos on VHS tapes over and over. I was not a “teenie bopper” by any means. I was a 24-year-old working full time and taking full-time college credits. Did I think one day I would be still sharing my love with the backstreet boys 23 years later? No I did not. After 2008 I left the BSB fandom. My friends pretty much left the fandom after Millenium days. 

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With the world shackled by the Coronavirus, a lot of us are staying at home more, which means we are likely to get bored and need something to watch. Netflix and Hulu can only take us so far and how many times can we watch “Thor” before our eyes cross. 

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Note: This is a new series on where we question different things that the Backstreet Boys have done throughout their career. 

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Question: My question what is the best thing to say during a meet and greet to the boys? I have done it once and I was so flustered that I hardly said anything and I need advice for next time! -Sophie

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Let me start by saying I’m beyond happy that our boys are back on the stage! The DNA tour has been so much fun for me personally that I decided to make the trek to Mexico City for the start of the 2020 DNA tour. As always the boys absolutely killed it and as always they made all the struggles we encountered worth it!

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Question:When we get pictures taken I had no idea we could do different ideas for pictures with meet and greets. Does anyone have good advice at knowing good picture ideas? I got so nervous meeting the rest of the Backstreet Boys I literally wasn’t even thinking of picture ideas to take. Any advice??

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Let’s start by saying the DNA Tour is already going down as one of our absolute favorites all-around for the Backstreet Boys. The set list has a strong mix of old school nostalgia combined with some new favorites from the 2019 DNA album, leaving all of us to scream our heads off after each and every song!

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I’d walk halfway around the world
For just one kiss from you
Far beyond the call of love
The sun, the stars, the moon

Can you believe that “Anywhere For You” was released 23 years ago? That’s right, on February 24, 1997, the Backstreet Boys released the song as the fifth single from their international debut (also known as the red album).

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Question: What advice would you give to help make the boys remember you? – Silvia

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