For most fans visiting this site, meeting their childhood idols involves Backstreet Boys, but not for me. Granted, they are my favorite band, but I didn’t become a fan until I was almost 18-years-old in 1998.

My childhood idols were New Kids on the Block.

I had their very first album, but didn’t fall in love until I heard “Please Don’t Go Girl.” When the “Hangin’ Tough” album came out, “Cover Girl” immediately became my go-to song. I listened to it every morning getting ready for school where I would go off and be made fun of because I was taller than the other girls or because I was chubby. It didn’t matter, because Donnie Wahlberg was singing “Cover Girl” to me.  I remember once crying myself to sleep because I wanted to be that little girl he sung to in the “Hangin’ Tough” concert on VHS.  When my father ignored the fact that he had a daughter and when my mother was busy working three jobs to support us, I had Donnie, Joey McIntyre, Jordan Knight, Jon Knight and Danny Wood.

And I never imagined in a million years that I would meet them.

During their “Hangin’ Tough” tour, they came to my hometown of Valdosta, Ga., to the complex at the university and tickets sold out. My cousin Courtnie and I were devastated. I thought the closest I would ever get to meeting them was my aunt seeing Jordan shopping in our mall while I was in town. And while I attended my very first concert (the first of thousands) in Tallahassee, Fla. on their “Summer Magic Tour,” I still never thought I would meet them.

Almost 2 years ago, for their “The Package Tour” show in Atlanta, I finally got the chance. I had wanted to before during the NKOTBSB tour – my two favorite groups – but was unable to. I probably couldn’t have done it if it weren’t for Julia being there. I would have freaked out. I never get nervous with celebrities, but I shook Danny’s hand and then there was Joey McIntyre, my first celebrity crush, those blue eyes, staring back at me and he put his hands on my shoulders.

“What’s going on in your head right now?”

“My little 6-year-old dreams are coming true.”

And he asked me something else and finally gave me a big hug and I went into mush. It’s like he knew. How, I don’t know. I came close to meeting him during the NKOTBSB tour, but he was on his cell phone and I didn’t want to disrupt him. (This is the same day that the NKOTB’s buses followed me to Orlando and Jordan and Jon tried to run me off the road by honking their horn with their heads out the window at me because I had NKOTBSB written on the back of my car window).

And then there was Donnie, who hugged me, humming that “back rub” hum in my ear and I was complete mush. I almost forgot about Jordan because I was done for… until I saw Jon and when I told him I was the girl he almost ran into a truck of watermelons two years before, his eyes lit up and he knew what I was talking about. He remembered me.

I met them twice more that summer, going all the way to Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis for the last two shows on that tour.

I can’t believe I’m getting to meet them again on Saturday in Atlanta. I’ll be the girl that gets flushed when I see Joey McIntyre sing “Twisted” and the girl that longs to be Donnie Wahlberg’s center of attention during “Remix” or “Cover Girl.” I wanted to be that little girl in the “Cover Girl” video.

The purpose of this post? Never forget your childhood dreams. I didn’t get to become a country singer like Reba McEntire or a fashion designer, but one of my childhood dreams came true – I met New Kids on the Block. Not once. Not twice. Three times… and four this weekend.

And no matter what people say about you. No matter what happens to you in life whether it’s something at work or personal, nobody can ever take the fact that your childhood dream came true.

And now I get to take my mother to see the group she took me to when I was in fourth grade.

See you Saturday my fellow Blockheads. <3 Sect. 11, Row B.


As fans of both New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys, the members of this site have been ridiculed and been made fun of for our love of our favorite boy bands.

But overall, there are 13 questions that we are sick of hearing. These are those questions.

1. New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys are still around?

Our response: Do bears sh*t in the forest?


2. You mean Backseat/Backdoor Boys?

This is mostly said by the male species that are mostly either secretly fans and know ever one of Brian’s quirky adlibs during performances or either they are simply jealous they will never be Mr. Nickolas Gene Carter.


3. Oh my God, I used to love them when I was little and cried when Backstreet Boys broke up.

Simply walk away, because really, you can’t fix stupid.


4. Aren’t New Kids old now? Like, collecting Social Security old?

If Donnie Wahlberg is old and collecting Social Security, then I can’t wait until I’m his age. The New Kids still have it… and are hangin’ tough. See what I did there?


5. Why are the Backstreet Boys still called boys? Why are New Kids still called kids? They’re old enough to be One Direction’s fathers.

This is just funny. Why are grown men still called “baby” by their mothers? Because they will always be her baby. The boys will always be boys. And the New Kids will always be kids at heart.


6. Isn’t Backstreet Boys the one Justin Timberlake left?

*Gives you the Nick glare*


7. Which Backstreet Boy was gay? Lance?

Our response: That’s precious.


8. Aren’t you too old to like boy bands?

How can one be too old to like boy bands? Should old people not like rap, because I’m pretty sure Snoop Dogg is close to 40. I mean, really.


9. Didn’t one of them go to rehab or date Paris Hilton?

We don’t like to talk about that.


10. Backstreet Boys reunited in 2013?



11. New Kids on the Block is like One Direction for old people, right?

If loving New Kids on the Block is wrong, we don’t want to be right.


12. Didn’t Mark Wahlberg help New Kids on the Block get started?

Only an idiot would think that.

13. Do they know your name yet?

The one question we don’t mind answering. We instantly smile and start to giggle. Because yes, they may know our names and we are not ashamed to let the world know.


What questions are YOU tired of hearing? Let us know below!


NKOTBSB, the mega group that consisted of New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys, performed their last show together almost three years ago (or will be on June 3rd). In those three years, New Kids on the Block has been on three tours, with Backstreet Boys touring all three years as well.

But their tour gave us more than just entertainment. It taught us several lessons about life and fandom life.

1. Friendships last forever.

Even after NKOTBSB ended their tour, members of the groups still hang out together. AJ and Joey have spent holidays together. Jordan and Nick have went on tour together and Jon has went to several Backstreet Boys concerts. The wives have also joined in on the love, with Lauren and Rochelle both attending New Kids on the Block concerts.

2. 5 is fine plus 4 equals more.

If you were a fan of both fans, when all nine guys were on stage, it was hard to figure out where to look. And it made you appreciate those fans who don’t have a favorite, because you’re just over there finally pointing at someone and making gestures to get attention.

3. Boy bands will never die.

Speak the truth boys, speak the truth.


4. Anything.

You can do anything in front of your friends, including wearing your underwear on stage.

5. <3 and $$$

You don’t realize it until you start seeing the groups separately again, but as NKOTBSB it saved fans SO much money and made them able to see more shows – especially fans of both groups. Plus, the next time you see them not together again, it makes you miss it a little. You miss seeing Nick and Donnie being playful on stage, or Brian and Joey’s “bromance.”

Can we have a part 2 please? Rock group Cinderella was right when they released the song, “You don’t know what you’ve got, ’til it’s gone.”

Do you miss NKOTBSB? Sound off in the comments?


Two years ago today on April 2, 2013, New Kids on the Block released their latest album, “10.” The album spawned off “The Package Tour,” which included 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men. It was one of their best tours to date, besides NKOTB of course.

It doesn’t seem like it should be two years, does it? It seems like it was just yesterday that “The Block” came out!

What were your favorite songs on “10”?