I have been a BSB fan since December of 2018, and I have loved every second of it. I know I am what is considered a “young BSB fan” being in my teens, but their talent and charm transcend age in my opinion.

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I’m a media geek at heart. My main major in college was mass media and over the years I’ve made audio of some of the boys’ performances. I’ve decided to keep doing that and add them on the site!

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Does introducing yourself to new people make you nervous? It scares the hell out of me. I wish I could be more open to new experiences and not stress so much about them. 

Since joining the Backstreet Boys Fan Club I have met so many friends online. My first Facebook group I joined was the Official Backstreet Boys Fan Club. I felt comfortable immediately sharing my experiences. I began talking to a few people on a regular basis through messenger and was building relationships. 

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Let me start by saying I’m beyond happy that our boys are back on the stage! The DNA tour has been so much fun for me personally that I decided to make the trek to Mexico City for the start of the 2020 DNA tour. As always the boys absolutely killed it and as always they made all the struggles we encountered worth it!

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It never fails, when any type of Backstreet Boys news comes out, people’s opinions start splattering about – loving the news, hating it, completely ripping it apart, ripping other fans apart, and anything else you can think about.

You can never make everybody happy and I’m not one to be overly throwing out rainbows, unicorns, and happiness, but can we tone down the complaining a little?

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Let’s start by saying the DNA Tour is already going down as one of our absolute favorites all-around for the Backstreet Boys. The set list has a strong mix of old school nostalgia combined with some new favorites from the 2019 DNA album, leaving all of us to scream our heads off after each and every song!

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Photo credit: Justin Segura (@shaggs)

One of my FAVORITE things about AJ is how he is unapologetically himself, public opinion be damned. He has always had a unique sense of style, coupled with an incredibly attractive confidence, that can make just about anything look good. 

The Backstreet Boys kicked-off a new leg of the DNA World Tour in Mexico City last night. 

Our very own Carrie was at the show, so check out her photos, along with some media photos!

Since the first leg of the DNA World Tour ended, the wait had seemed like an eternity for the ticket sale day to arrive for the long-awaited second leg announcement for the USA and Canada.

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