This past weekend after my girl Lacy messaged me and the other girls that she was watching the Backstreet Boys’ documentary, “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of,” I got the urge to watch it, too. Continue reading “Thankful Tuesday: Did we ever thank @BackstreetBoys for their movie? ‘Cause, thanks boys…”


db43df12cf9722f22c12a37ff3ef00dcc158d44fJust in time for you to finish Season 3 of “Orange is the New Black” (which comes out on Netflix June 12th), the Backstreet Boys’ movie, “Show Em What You’re Made Of” will become available on Netflix beginning June 16.

Also on that day “Curious George,” “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” and “Two Days, One Night” will also become available.

The movie will be the first Backstreet Boys’ release on Netflix.


After receiving my “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of” DVD in the mail today from Amazon, I saw that the making of “Madeleine” was not on the DVD like Amazon said it would be.

I tweeted director Stephen Kijak to see if maybe he knew why and got the following responses.



Who else senses a special DVD package coming out?

In honor of the Backstreet Boys’ 22nd anniversary on April 20, 2015, the girls here at Boys on the Block thought long and hard and discussed what the top moments in Backstreet Boys’ history were. There were a lot but we narrowed them down to 10.

Happy anniversary boys. We are trying our best to keep the Backstreet Pride alive!


In case you were busy, at work, or had something better to do (why would you?!), here are all the Q&A’s the boys answered during the Friday night premiere of “Show Em What You’re Made Of” on VH1. It was only AJ and Howie that answered the questions.


It was exciting to watch the movie. Such a heartfelt,real,and honest movie. It was nice to see the other side of each Backstreet Boy that I’ve never seen before. Such vulnerability,honesty,and rawness. Each hometown visit left a mark that I will never forget. Each story also left a lesson that we will never forget. Brian’s journey through his problem is/was admirable. It wasn’t easy especially when his livelihood depends on it. But he faced it with dignity and grace. Such admirable attitude which made me love and respect him even more. There were laughter while watching parts of the movie, while some scene got me in tears.

One particular one is the confrontation between Nick and Brian about Brian’s problem. It wasn’t easy to watch it knowing their relationship before. I miss it. I miss them. It must have been hard for Nick to say those things, yes! He was pissed off, angry and maybe even frustrated or even defeated while choosing songs for the new album. Maybe it came out of anger, but I would also like to believe that it was done out of love. I think Nick misses Brian, their relationship and carefree attitude. Kevin is right, there was a lot of baggage there for the past 20 years or so, but I think more than anything, it was a little brother missing his relationship with his big brother.  I love Nick’s analogy of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. They do need each other. It was the unbeatable team.

Seeing each and every Boy share the story of their roots and humble beginnings was amazing.  And part of their story is of course Lou Pearlman. Like what AJ said, it was hard going through that then you start questioning what is real and what is not. It is hard to be grateful to someone who helped you get to where you are at the same time used you. Learning about all those people who has been instrumental in utilizing the Boys’ talents and helped them make a difference in our lives now. It was humbling to see them go back and pay tribute to those people. Seeing all those old video clips of school plays and talent shows was special.

Another part of the movie that really tugged my heart was seeing Q in some clips. Especially his interaction with AJ. It must have been hard for all of them to watch it. But Q being Q like always manages to make me/us smile. I’m happy that he got to be a part of this movie so it adds up to our list of wonderful memories of him.

After watching the movie, I wanted to hug each and every Boy. It made me such a proud Backstreet Boys Fan. It was amazing. Highly recommended for everyone to watch. Fan or not, everyone will appreciate this movie and be a fan of the Backstreet Boys after. Thank you Boys for sharing your story with us. Love you all to the moon and back.

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After watching the Backstreet Boys movie I saw that my friend tweeted “There is something pretty special about being a Backstreet Boys’ fan”, I think this was the perfect sentiment after seeing the movie.

I have been a fan since I was 12 years old and since I’m 31 on that wasn’t yesterday. I feel like I have grown up with them.

They were there with their music for everything, good times, bad times and everything in between.

When I was watching the movie I just wanted it to keep going for hours.

I loved everything about it. I loved how they really showed themselves. They did not need to censor themselves because they are not trying to be these perfect young men who were being molded by others. Hearing them talk about Lou, the early days, Brian’s voice and AJ’s addiction in a real and raw way made for what we as fans wanted to see.

This was a real documentary not the documentaries we have been seeing such as Katy Perry, One Direction and Justin Bieber where it is more of a concert then anything. The moments I enjoyed best was when they were all just together talking or working through a song when they were in London.

Yes, I cried when Kevin was talking about his father passing and when Nick talked about his childhood at school and did not know why he was crying, I also laughed when Howie talked about sweating to death at his house until he put in central air and when AJ talked about topless bowling and Brian danced around in the back.

This movie was everything I wanted; yes I could have watched hours more but it was enough in what it was. Some people are saying it shows the rises and fall of the Boys but really is it truly a fall when they are still making music, selling out tours and making millions around the world sing along with their songs?

I think even some who are not fans would like this movie because you get to see how things really were when they started and how they working everything out now. They are still those boys who fell in love with years ago now they have just grown into men.

I have gained a new respect and love them even more now.

They have bought me happiness, amazing friends and great times. They truly showed us what they are made of.

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1. The movie is named after the song that AJ and Kevin wrote for your children. What are you going to tell them about the movie and your past as a group one day when they sit down to see it?
The song is important to us, and we think it reflects the underlying theme of our career. We have consistently showed the world (and even at times ourselves) what we’re made of.

2. While you were filming the movie and talking about old issues from before, did it reignite any former bad blood that still carries on within the group today?
We are all older now, and we have come a long way. There are, of course, a few issues that come to a head that you’ll see in the movie… but we’ve all grown up a lot.

3. Are you prepared for the world to see these raw moments that are in the movie, such as the fight between Nick and Brian? How have you prepared yourself for the feedback not only from fans, but from the critics?
We are putting a version of ourselves out there that no one, not even our fans have seen before. It does take a bit of preparation. But it is a part of our story.

4. Was there ever a time during filming that you wondered if the cameras should stop filming? (From @Jhie0730)
We’ve grown to believe that the moments you feel like the cameras should stop filming are the moments that should be filmed. We’re happy we stuck to that, because it made for moments that made the movie.

5. How did visiting each other’s past change how you interact with each other now?
It definitely reminded us where we all came from, and helped us rebuild the connection we had when we were younger.

6. What was the hardest thing that you guys had to reveal in the movie? Whether as a group or individually? (From @SweetAlexaLove)
Brian’s vocal issues – it’s been hard seeing him go through it and knowing there’s not much you can do to help. We didn’t want to really discuss it until he was ready.

7. AJ mentioned on the cruise that there would be a soundtrack with unreleased songs. Is that still going to be released? (P.S. If it is, you guys can totally throw in audio of the harmonizing from the movie trailers…. it’s beautiful).
We know you guys want one so we’re seeing what we can do 😉

8. After watching the movie, what is your favorite moment that you’re glad you have on film to relive?
As emotional as it was, the hometown visits really brought the five of us together not only as a band but also as friends. We had heard about these places from each other, but getting to experience them first hand was a whole different story.

9. Besides releasing the movie overseas and your upcoming International shows this year, what else do you guys have planned? We know that pretty much all of you are releasing or working on solo material. And everybody has asked… will there be a Backstreet Boys cruise in 2016 since there isn’t one this year?
You’ll just have to wait and see 😉

10. And finally, will you guys be creeping on Twitter and Instagram to see what fans say about the movie?
Of course, your opinion matters the most 😉


Thanks to the crew behind promoting “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of” and the boys’ team, along with the boys for helping make this possible.