Way back in 2006, Brian Littrell had a small acoustic session show on CMT where he performed some of his own songs, along with the classic, “Don’t Take The Girl” by Tim McGraw. 

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If you saw the North American leg of the Backstreet Boys DNA Tour, you saw Baylee Littrell open for the boys. I feel that the European leg missed out on seeing this talented young man come into his own. 

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The summer just flew by. I didn’t even get to enjoy it. No swimming, no picnics at the park and certainly no drinking while sitting by the fire lol. I was still on a strong regimen of antibiotics. 

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I knew 2019 was going to start off great when I could say I had some Backstreet Boys events sprinkled throughout the year, but it ended up being mostly great, with just a few bad spots sprinkled throughout. 

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From left: Cat, Baylee, Karah, and Brian.

Cat and I headed to the Q99.7’s radio station this morning to support Baylee Littrell (and his dad, Backstreet Boy Brian) while they were at the studios to play Baylee’s new song that comes out May 10th called “Boxes.”

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Baylee Littrell is going places!

I’m not even joking. The kid is talented and I’m not just saying that because his father is a member of my all-time favorite musical act in the history of music.

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