How the Backstreet Boys performed in separate homes in four different states is beyond me, but it just shows how talented the boys are!

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I have been a BSB fan since December of 2018, and I have loved every second of it. I know I am what is considered a “young BSB fan” being in my teens, but their talent and charm transcend age in my opinion.

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By Chelsea

So who else is as bored as I am? I am usually at the gym a few days a week, and if it wasn’t for Amazon Prime workout videos, I would’ve completely lost my mind!

I don’t know how many of you Backstreet girls (and guys) out there are fitness junkies like I am, but if you are you know the importance of a good workout playlist. When I first started going to the gym and making my “gym jams” playlists, I didn’t think my boys could be a part of it. I filled my phone with hard rock and punk and every other song that seemed ‘edgy.’ Continue reading “Guest Post: The best @BackstreetBoys songs to add to your workout playlist”

We all have our own ways to cope or get through things. For many of us, the boys are how we get through tough times. But how do the boys cope?

Based on their posts and interactions over the years, I put this “fun assessment” of our favorite guys.

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By Allison

I Got You. What does it mean? It’s a Nick song about soulmates. Love. Letting the other person know you’re not going to give up on them. For me, it’s a song for my best friend. Nick is part of the reason why we met to begin with. 

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In a world (like this) where physically picking up an album is pretty rare, we’re throwing you back to each big album release to give you our two cents on the design of each! And, we’re even going to show you our personal favorites by ranking them from least to most favorite!

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Is anyone at this point thinking, “Hey COVID -19, Quit Play Games with My Heart,”? I know many people would rather be home thinking let’s have a party but we need to stay home and just Roll with It for now and protect our DNA.

As a mental health counselor and fellow BSB fangirl, I know everything that is going on is likely to cause additional stressors with your life,  your families, and your friends.

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If you happened to read our very first post on the BSB Fangirls blog, you know that the boys played a major role in bringing the two of us together as friends and business partners—before ever even meeting each other in person!

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With the last date of the #DNAWorldTour in South America being canceled and the Coronavirus making people work from home, not work at all, overwork for those in service areas, and even cancel school, we as fangirls may just feel like we are in a rut. 

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