Rhett Akins

Screenshot of Rhett’s instagram.

I posted a photo on Instagram of my hometown boy Rhett Akins and his son Thomas Rhett from 1996 when Rhett did a hometown show at my future university. I had front row and backstage passes and the photo came from the newspaper that I would end up working for and interviewing Rhett for.

Rhett saw it and instagramed it, tagging me and tagging it as a photo of me. I was in the middle of texting Hannah when I saw “OfficialRhettAkins took a photo of you.”

My comment? HE DID WHAT?!

Rhett has obviously meant a lot to me my entire life for the most part. I remember hearing about him being a local singer long before he got a record deal. His father and my uncle used to be drinking buddies. And he has always remembered me from that very first time I met him in Albany with Linda Davis (Hillary from Lady Antebellum’s Mom).

Love that man!

One Direction

I really hope that the guys do come back because I have finally gotten to the point where I’m okay to be blunt about being a Directioner. Their newest album is constantly playing my car and my mother says she’s going to tell Nick Carter that I’m cheating on him.  Hurry back 1D.


I went to see the new Tina Fey and Amy Poehler movie on Friday with three of my coworkers after our Christmas party and it was… a-mazing. It was by far the dirtiest (meaning so many dirty jokes!) Tina Fey movie I have seen yet.

And you know Karah likes that.

I knew the movie would be great, but it surpassed all of my expectations. I also love that they used so many “Saturday Night Live” cast members in the movie!


No, I’m not fangirling over migraines, but I’m discussing it.

I suffer from bad migraines and my brand new doctor has set me up on this migraine study with a new drug, but before my tests came back to show that I was approved for the study, a migraine started and I took one of my usual pills for it.

And I’ve had this migraine since Wednesday, but it hit it’s breaking point yesterday after I left the movies from seeing “Sisters.” Maybe it was going from the darkness to the bright sun shining outside, but it about killed me.

It was so bad that I laid down in my big walk-in closet today because it was the darkest area of my apartment.

I’m excited about this study that I’m taking part in because not only do I get paid for doing it, I get free medicine and it’s medicine that will hopefully cure my migraines. I have to wait until the next migraine to start the medication, but I’m excited and I hope it works.

<3 Karah

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