Boy bands are really beautiful, they’re really beautiful & fans can be over protective them…. Sometimes this leads to fans becoming crazy.

Let me make something clear: You will not marry one of the BackStreet Boys or one of the New Kids.

I’ve seen a high amount of disrespect with BackStreet Boys fans & BlockHeads towards one of the guy’s wives.

That’s wrong….

BackStreet Boys Fan:

I’m more of a BlockHead, but I do follow some of the BackStreet Boys’ fans. From the things that I’ve seen, a lot of them disrespect Nick’s wife, Lauren. That’s seriously really immature. You can see the love they have for each other. She’s really kind & beautiful. She supports Nick in many ways. Nick supports her a lot. Why do fans hate her then? The thing that I can come up with is jealousy. I’m not saying that you have to like Lauren, but respect her. Mean comments are unnecessary ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.’ She doesn’t do anything that would make fans hate her. She simply loves Nick. I’m sure he doesn’t appreciate that some ‘Fans’ go & tell her disrespectful words. She has feelings too. I think people should reflect on their words & realize that disrespecting Lauren won’t have make you have Nick. Nick is a married man & it’s right to respect that.

BlockHeads & Bloquitas:

I’ve seen a lot of hate towards Jenny (Even though she’s not officially married to Donnie) & Evelyn. Donnie & Jenny are a cute couple. They glow when they’re near each other. Jenny’s also really nice to BlockHeads. She replies & follows us. Why the hate then? She doesn’t do anything that changes Donnie. They love giving back & that’s what they do. Hating on her won’t make you marry Donnie. Show respect for her, she’s really kind. Donnie’s with her for a reason & you don’t exactly have to see why, but it would be nice if you accepted it. Showing her love & respect would be incredible.

Evelyn gets a lot of hate & this woman really doesn’t do anything to BlockHeads & Bloquitas. Evelyn is really gorgeous & she seems really nice. She’s Jordan’s wife & she deserves respect. She doesn’t show off that she’s married to one of the most beautiful men in the world. When Jordan talks about her in an interview you can tell he loves her. Why do some hate on her then? It would be gorgeous if more showed respect & appreciation towards her. I love Evelyn & Jordan (Their couple name is ‘Jevelyn’)….. They’re really cute together. Jordan loves her for a reason. Show your respect for Evelyn. I’m sure that Jordan would appreciate that you show respect o Evelyn. There’s no need to send disrespectful comments towards her when we barely know anything about her. Team Jevelyn.


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