Photo credit: Justin Segura (@shaggs)

One of my FAVORITE things about AJ is how he is unapologetically himself, public opinion be damned. He has always had a unique sense of style, coupled with an incredibly attractive confidence, that can make just about anything look good. 

Remember that time that Nick Carter danced on “Dancing With The Starts” to “Everybody?”

It was literally the best performance. Nick and his partner, Sharna Burgess a Jazz dance to the Backstreet Boys hit and there were even some boy band members in the audience.

I have my own perspective about what is sexy. Normally one would think of a persons’ six-pack when they are shirtless. The movie “Magic Mike” was a hit for a few reasons. 

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11Remember in 2001 when each of the Backstreet Boys were on the cover of TV Guide? If you’re too young to know what that is, it was a small little magazine that came out so you would know what was coming on each channel back in years of yonder. Today, we can simply look on the television. 

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