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The last time a Backstreet Boys cruise was announced was last decade.

I know, that sounds drastic considering it just turned 2020, but the 2018 Backstreet Boys cruise was announced in April 2017, a year out from when the cruise actually set sail from Miami.

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Note: This photo is from and I’ve been caught several times in official photos taking photos of that same exact moment. This photo that I’m taking a picture of almost was in this post, but decided against it.

If you know me, you know that not having a camera at a concert is something I don’t like to do. Since I was a teenager, concert photography has always been one of my favorite things. I even worked as a concert photographer for about two years once at a venue that the Backstreet Boys came to in my hometown.

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As a kid, I was a fan of Thor. Why? Mostly because one of my favorite movies, “Adventures in Babysitting,” the young girl was obsessed with Thor so I bought comic books and liked Thor, too.

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So one of my favorite parts of the Backstreet Boys cruise at the beginning of May was the way the guys performed every single song from “Millennium” in order that it appears on the album. Continue reading “Man Crush Monday: I would bring down the moon and the sun …”

I almost can’t believe I’m writing about the last day of the cruise already … but what a day it was! Continue reading “2018 @BackstreetBoys Cruise Review: Day Four (The Last Day)”

While I’m going to do a full post about Day 3 of the Backstreet Boys cruise, check out the videos that I took of Group B’s concert that took place on Saturday evening before what ended up being the best theme night ever in the history of BSB cruises. Continue reading “Videos: @BackstreetBoys 2018 Cruise Storytellers Concert (Group B)”

My outfit for the group photo and waiting at the front of the line.

Three words …

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Let’s just say that the first theme night was legendary and it was just the beginning of a legendary trip! When I was in the second row of people in front of the stage, never did I think anything would top this night. Continue reading “Videos: @BackstreetBoys’ 2018 Cruise: Fast Times at Backstreet High”