Author’s Note: I have warm, fuzzy feelings when I think about each Backstreet Boy. This will be part of an ongoing series which covers first impressions of the boys.

Good old Alex. Yeah, I really cannot refer to him as AJ but for the purpose of this article I’ll try. I know for a fact that he’ll answer to both. He’s always been so different than the other boys. I’ve always loved the mysterious, bad boy, rocker type. From the piercings to the constant hair changes, AJ has had quite the evolution.

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So this will be a little bit of a personal blog post / fangirling blog post.

Know why?


Yes, I had to go all capital letters there because it is JUST. THAT. EXCITING.

While it’s one month until Christmas, most Backstreet Boys fans will get what we want, what we really, really want (lol) on January 25 – a new BSB album and new songs to obsess over.

Just under two weeks later, the boys hit the stage again in Las Vegas and me and my girls will be there at a table! Finally … a table!

So what else has been up?

I finished writing my next book last night, which is called “Sweeter Than Fiction.” That means that I need to copy edit it and get it online for everybody. I’ll be honest, it’s not my favorite thing that I’ve ever written, but Julia and Lisa seemed to like it. I’ve got an idea for my next one, which I’m kind of excited about. I just need to figure out how to write it and how to start it and then from there, it should be easy sailing.

I did some Black Friday shopping Thursday night and got a bunch of movies and an Amazon Echo Dot thing which is freaking AMAZING. It’s going to make me even lazier. Friday morning I went to a local record store to take part in Record Store Day Black Friday and bought a limited edition of Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now,” probably my favorite album by her, along with some other used records. I had to buy a new laptop last weekend though because old Bessie is crapping out. Thankfully was able to get some stuff from her yesterday. Thankfully I keep all of my photos on One Drive and most of my documents.

I learned my lesson years ago!

I’m not really big on the holidays. I was when I was little, but the past few years I haven’t been able to really get into the spirit. This year seems a little different. I’m kind of hoping I’m moved by Christmas, but I have a feeling I won’t be. I need to move closer to my new job, which I will be at for four months tomorrow, so it’s not that new. Traffic has been killing me lately.

Also have been on a kick rewatching “Grey’s Anatomy” all weekend.


There were no updates last week because frankly, I had way too much going on. But I know that this site is a big part of who I am and I felt empty the entire week from not posting, writing, etc. I worked last Sunday by going on a work trip and worked all week

Me on my work trip to Rome last Sunday.

and I was just give out by the weekend.  Then I had to go two hours away yesterday for something and it just made my day blah. I came home and watched “Suicide Squad” and “Justice League.”

You know I love that Ben Affleck.

So this is what’s going on:

The cruise is paid for! PRAISE HOWIE! Now the only thing left to buy is a few theme accessories and that’s pretty much it! I keep changing my mind on a few theme ideas, so I need to finally settle on it. But I can’t wait until May gets here!

Dream Come True! One of my biggest dreams is coming true two weeks from today – I’m going to Memphis, Tenn. and to Graceland with Lacy! We are staying at The Guesthouse, which is Graceland’s hotel and it’s going to be an emotional experience. I probably won’t wear eye makeup because I’ll be crying the entire time.

Me in the press room.

Sugar Sugar: Still getting my blood sugar under control. It’s tiresome some days and this weekend I was bad with what I ate. It’s high tonight and I feel weird. I’m getting it under control. Slowly.

Moviepass! <3 So I was skeptical at first, but one of my coworkers signed up and Hannah signed up and I finally signed up for Moviepass. Do you know what it is? It’s a program where you pay $9.95 a month to join and you can go see any movie (except 3D things) as many times as you want, as long as it’s one movie a day. I did it for the first time today and I loved it. Seriously, going to the movie one time is basically paying for your monthly subscription. I had planned on going to the movies yesterday, but something was wrong with the one e-ticket place here in my town (I haven’t received my card in the mail yet) and so I didn’t get to. Today, I saw “Game Night,” which I wrote a review for.  So expect to see more movie reviews soon!

My Mom: My Mom found out Friday that she will be getting her prosthetic leg like really soon (three weeks or so) and her goal is to be able to walk in May when Hunter, the little boy she started babysitting when he was six weeks old, graduates from high school. I told her it won’t be easy, but she’s determined. I’ll just be glad when I don’t have to do all this running around for her, like grocery shopping or medicine, etc. She’ll be able to go herself. That’s what makes me really tired a lot is all of that.

But that’s pretty much been it the past week.

Goals for the upcoming weeks:

  • Stop with the sweets. STOP IT KARAH. Get sugar more under control.
  • Try to walk more and get a little workout in.
  • Finalize my theme outfits.
  • Try not to have an emotional breakdown at Graceland. It’s bound to happen.
  • Work on my future (cryptic message).
  • Look more into online grad school because I really want to do that.
  • And help prepare everybody for the most bad ass cruise of all time!

Have a good week, guys. I’ll leave you with a sonnet I wrote in my poetry writing class in college that I just found.

Thought he was the love of my life
That’s why it hurt me so hard
In twilight gloom, it ended in strife
So-called love twisted with my mangled guard

Guilt, pain, all I felt was sad
Bruises, heartache, all that showed was tears
Dreams of that night that turned out so bad
And loosing him was my biggest fears

Years go by, it wasn’t love at all
No calls, no visits, no e-mails so I pray
Obsessions and confessions that made me fall
Making me wonder where my heart went astray

Somehow if only the world could see
All I want now is my heart to be free

  • Karah, 2005





On Sunday, April 2, 2017, I, Karah-Leigh, was probably the happiest girl in the whole wide world. Why? Because my all-time favorite group – Backstreet Boys – were at the Academy of Country Music Awards and they were performing with one of my other favorite groups – Florida Georgia Line.

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