Note: This post was originally posted on 2/7/2020, but was moved back to draft the next morning after people started subtweeting about me. This post was meant to make people keep their eyes open like you would in everyday life. It’s about sharing how I’ve been burned and not for the reason many think. People can think it’s bullying or being mean. It’s about helping other fans because since I first posted this, so many others have come to me saying they’ve experienced the same thing. Don’t like what I write? Don’t read it. Simple as that. 


When I first started out in the Backstreet Boys fandom, back in the days of 1998 where Yahoo! Chat was the main communication tool before AOL chatrooms and long before the days of social media, I was very wary online. I never posted pictures of myself. I never did any of that.

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It’s Nick Carter Week!  In honor of Nick turning 40 today, we are celebrating him all week long here at! It’s also fitting that my birthday, as well as my twin sister, Kim’s birthday is Thursday, January 30th, which just happens to be two days after Nick’s (January 28th). 

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Being a Backstreet Boys fan has been a big part of my life.

24 years of my life to be exact.

When I think of this its actually slightly overwhelming, especially when I think back to all the moments in my life which either involve them, or have them there in the background of my life, like a soundtrack. 

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“Hey, what are you doing today?”
“Going to the concert.”
“What are you up to now, though?”
“…getting ready for the concert.”

Let’s face it, no matter how many times we explain it, men will never understand the hours leading up to a concert – or why we spend all day getting ready for something that doesn’t start till 8 pm. Whether it’s still deciding on your outfit day of, waiting for your blow out, or securing your spot in line for GA – it’s an all-day affair. In fact, I get up earlier on show days then I do most days for work (even if was just upstairs at Planet Hollywood).

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As I write this, the song “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” plays in my head.

Prior to flying to Las Vegas alone on April 26, 2019, I made a few friends online. For the last weekend of the Larger Than Life residency, I was able to purchase a VIP table. It wasn’t front and center but it was still at the stage. I posted on the Official Backstreet Boys Fan Club Facebook page and sold my extra seats.

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After my 1st M&G with the Backstreet Boys, the rest of my Las Vegas trip is a blur. I will just say that I came to Vegas with tickets to see the Wednesday night performance and when we left, I had seen all three shows that week and went to my first after party. I won’t get into why or how I convinced my sister Adina to let me spend that much money, but I will say it was worth every dime. 

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When I camped outside overnight for tickets to Into The Millennium tour on a very hot August night 1999, I never thought I would actually meet the Backstreet Boys. I was overjoyed with 4th-row seats for the 3rd sold-out show at the Palace of Auburn Hills, MI. I remember buying a new Kodak camera just for the show. I still have some pictures, but not too many. 

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