When did you become a full fledge fangirl?

I think I was born a fangirl. I don’t know how or when it began, but there are moments of my life that I look back on and it all kind of makes sense. Whenever I started to like something, I go all in.

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If you’ve been visiting this site (and it’s the former incarnation, Boys on the Block), you’ve heard me talk about the documentary by two Australian filmmakers called “I Used To Be Normal (A Boyband Fangirl Story).”

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How many ways can I say that I love “Love Simon?” Let me count the ways.

1. Nick Robinson. Adorable. Cute. No shame in my game in saying that.

2. Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel as parents. Weird for me because Josh is also so hot, but still.

3. Katherine Langford. She stole my heart in “13 Reasons Why” and I’m glad people are seeing she’s a great, young actress.

Okay, there’s really too many ways to count so I’m just going to put it like this – go see it.

Growing up, I had plenty of friends who were in the closet. Some were a little out, but many were way, tucked in there with no intentions of coming out. Granted, I went to high school in the mid to late ’90s and it wasn’t as normal for gay people to be out back then. In fact, in South Georgia, it was almost like a death sentence because people just didn’t understand it, not like they do today.

So I watch this movie and wish that some of my friends in high school could have been like Simon, confident enough that when word comes out that he is gay, he owns it.

And if you think I just ruined the movie for you, I didn’t.

The soundtrack is almost pretty amazing, too.

I guess in a way, I always wanted to work in celebrity journalism before I even knew that was a thing. As a kid, I loved picking up the National Enquirer or People Magazine. Heck, I didn’t even know I wanted to work in journalism until I fell in love with it during college while working on my college newspaper. Continue reading “Celebrity journalism: the good, the bad and the effin’ ugly”