If you took part in AJ’s birthday video, you know what this is about.

You can click here to see AJ’s birthday video project over on the Backstreet Boys fan club.

The next birthday boy is Mr. Nick Carter, so it’s the same thing we did for AJ.

You can submit:

  • Write a short message (less than 75 words)
  • Share a short memory (100 words limit)
  • Send in selfies or photos with him (4 max)
  •  Send in a video message (1 minute limit)
  •  Share photos of tattoos or piece of artwork you’ve done

You can tweet the photos to @BSBFangirls on Twitter, or email everything else (photos, video, etc) to [email protected].


  • Yes you can submit a video and a few photos, or photos and a message. Take a look at AJ’s to see what’s up.
  • Make sure you tell us how you want your name to be credited.

Deadline is January 26 at 10 p.m. EST.

*All entries are subject to editing*

Let’s make this great!


If you hadn’t heard, two Australia women are making the story of my life (no pun intended) and yours too – the fangirl story. Jessica and Rita are producing a documentary called, “I Used To Be Normal – A Boy Band Fangirl Story” and have started a kickstarter account to help finish collecting the financing for the documentary.


Check out our little interview with Jessica Leski below and go donate so that the documentary can be finished. It’s your boy band fangirl duty to do so. Continue reading “Q&A: 5 questions with ‘I Used To Be Normal’ filmmaker Jessica Leski (@boybandfangirl_)”

So, if you haven’t noticed, we have a new feature on the site – a photo gallery! While there’s plenty of things you can find in other places, there’s also going to be some exclusives.

One of those exclusives? Photos from the Backstreet Boys’ 1997 collector’s card collection. Check out the photos below and just giggle to yourself because they are that awesome.

1997 Backstreet Boys Photo Collection Cards


You more than likely don’t know her, but if you’re a Backstreet Boys, NSync or O-Town fan, you’ve seen her Instagram photos floating around from shooting on Nick Carter’s movie, “Dead 7.”

Her name is Staci and she’s a college student from Montana who just happened to be one of the first extra’s on the set of the movie that is written and directed by the baby Backstreet Boy.

Check out the Q&A with her below:

staci1. Are you local to the area and how did you get involved?

I live in the area. A girl I go to college with put a post on Facebook saying they needed zombies. I responded to it and got an invite.

2. Are you a Backstreet Boys fan?

I’m not a boy band fan at all. I didn’t know who most of them were. For instance, Nick Carter and his wife were standing next to me for quite a while watching filming. I didn’t realize who they were until the following day. His wife has a unique look so when I saw her on Instagram, it clicked.

3. What’s been the most exciting or greatest experience you’ve had so far on the “Dead 7” set?

For the most part I just sat around. It’s a lot of waiting. Not as exciting as you’re probably imagining. The funniest thing for me was getting made into a zombie. Joey Fatone was sitting in the makeup chair next to me, but I didn’t know who he was at that point.

4. What celebrity has been the most fun to work with so far?

When Chloe [Latanzi] arrived, I heard people whispering that it was Olivia Newton-John’s daughter. Given that and how beautiful she is, I was expecting her to be stuck up. That wasn’t the case at all. She was super sweet. She came over and asked us zombies if we would take a picture with her. Then her and her boyfriend chatted with us for a while. I guess that was kind of exciting for me because I knew who her Mom is and I really like her.

The other person who was really nice was the O-Town guy, the one I have the pictures with who is wearing the double swords. I don’t know his name. [Erik-Michael Estrada] He came over between filming breaks and talked to us, too.

In all, everyone was really nice. I can’t say I witnessed any diva behavior or anything like that. They all seemed really nice.

Be sure to follow Staci on Instgram by clicking here.

As many know, in college, I was a video production major. Since I currently work as a journalist, it’s nice to know that six years of college has been put to good use editing and coming up with boy band videos.

While I’m busy moving to a new city today to get ready for the next phase of my life, I wanted to give you guys something nice for #SexySaturday and not just a video that someone took or I captured from VHS.

I present to you, a music video using the sexiest moments from Backstreet Boys’ music videos to the music of a song that has always reminded me of my love for the Backstreet Boys.


Let me know what you think below or on Twitter or Facebook!

Some days you just have too much time on your hands. That mostly happens when you’re not feeling that great, which was the case for me today. So instead, I stayed in bed and put my college degree and creativity to work, making a lyric video for the Backstreet Boys’ song “Time” just in ‘time’ for Throwback Thursday.

Hope everybody enjoys and remember, keep the Backstreet pride alive!

On Thursday July 9,2015, I arrived in San Diego at this year’s Comic Con 2015 convention.

Normally, I don’t attend these events anymore [due to personal reasons] but when Nick announced his panel for Thursday evening I knew that was a perfect reason to attend all over again. Halls opened in the early AM but I did not arrived until about 9:30 a.m, I explored the halls and saw some amazing things [including the Walking Dead booth..yes I am a a fan :)].

By 3 p.m., I was already in 5AB and was able to reserve my seats for the panel [front row center]. The “Dead 7” panel was everything I expected it to be.

Now, I know many fans wants to know exactly what was said in that room…well..not only was I able to LIVE stream the panel on my Periscope but I also SAVED it so I can upload the entire interview for all of you to see. 🙂