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Question: What advice would you give to help make the boys remember you? – Silvia

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Question: I’ve been to a Backstreet Boys after-party once and found it to be a little overwhelming at first. What kind of advice would you give a first-timer to prepare them for this experience and pointers to make it more enjoyable? – Adina

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Question: I bought a pit ticket for the Hartford show, but I’m going alone. I know you do pit all the time, so what are some things I should know? Am I going to be able to go to the bathroom and keep my spot? Does it get really crowded (like no room to move at all crowded). I know I’ll be surrounded, but some of your pictures makes it look like there’s space to move around. – @brians_curls on Instagram

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How did you come up with the idea?

I came up with the idea after Hannah and I went to see “Love, Simon” and had a meeting and Q&A with the author, Becky Albertelli, who lives not far from where I live. She mentioned something about being a fangirl, I think an adult fangirl and it stuck with me. I also loved the book “Kill The Boy Band” and have wanted to write something with a fictional boy band, so I went for it.

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