I was a creative writing minor in college and have always loved to write. I originally started out writing Backstreet Boys fan fiction and dabbled in NASCAR fan fiction. Over the last few years, I’ve found myself longing to write again, but not fan fiction. So I give you my books, a step into this weird mind of mine, with stories that I’ve come up with that I hope people like.

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“How To Be An Adult Fangirl
(And Not Ruin Your Life)


About The Book

Every woman has that one band that means the most to them. They remind them of a special time in their lives … or maybe that band saved their life. For Harley, that band is Insomnia, one of the best-selling boy bands in the world. But Harley isn’t your typical 30-something-year-old … she’s an adult boy band fangirl. While trying to juggle her marriage, a career she hates, and her amazing friendships, she goes on a trip that turns her life upside down all thanks to Insomnia.

Featured Review

“Creatively written and relatable as an adult who loves boybands and the adventures they bring us on, this book hit the spot! Excellent job by a prolific author whose future original works are sure to fulfill all our teenage dreams!”

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“Sweeter Than Fiction”

When she publishes a book based on her favorite boy bander, Kesley Carpenter didn’t think anything would come of it. But after the book becomes a best seller, will her fantasies start to become reality or will real-life become sweeter than fiction?

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“What are the Chances?”

Rebecca and Liam met when they were both stuck in an elevator together, but was it fate? Destiny? Or was it just by chance?

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“Cover Girl”

Nick was the new guy in California, finally landing his dream job of being behind the scenes of a hit television show, but longing to be a director. Macie was an actress, always playing the chubby best friend role. They would be satisfied with just that, but fate has other plans.

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“Nothing Like This”

Nate and Shelby have been best friends since the first day of kindergarten and have been there for one another through family drama, relationship drama, and career drama. But what happens when something in their relationship changes the way they look at one another? Will they take that leap or will they lose everything they ever dreamed of?

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