In what I have determined to be the full concert video (except for four songs) from the filming of the Burger King “For The Fans” video, we now have almost the entire full concert thanks to Media Vault. The only thing missing is the last four songs but the company has been contacted to find out if they will be uploading them.

I put the clip of “Back to Your Heart” next to the Burger King video version and it’s 90% the same except for a few angels. The concert was shot in Indianapolis in March 2000.

The concert that was found is on the left… the Burger King “For The Fans” video is on the right.

I edited together all of the videos for one long video which can be found here:

To see all the videos individually visit Music Vault.

Note: No harm or malicious activity was meant in editing the video together. Fans simply wanted it all in one video.

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  1. this is awesome! Thank you for sharing 🙂 Now we need to find a better copy of the black & blue tour and all will be right with the world lol

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