I was in bed, ready to go to sleep when this video was sent to me. It was too good NOT to post right away.

In Poland at soundcheck, someone asked the boys what their favorite sexual positions were.

Watch for yourself… woof woof.

Thanks to the person who shot this!

10 thoughts on “Video: What are the Backstreet Boys’ favorite sexual positions?

  1. Shannon Sour says:

    Can someone transcript this? 🙂 I can’t understand very well….. but I’m interested what is being said.

  2. I wish there was a better version of this, out there. But Kevin’s answer takes the cake- hot damnnnnn *fans self*

  3. I was there, It was heck funny cause Kevin kept going on and on.. and I was like.. “dude.. 50 shades of Kevin” he was standing on front of me and that made him crack up too..

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