Howie Dorough may be one of the most underated Backstreet Boys. He’s not the heartthrob (Nick), or older brother (Kevin), the country boy (Brian) or the bad boy (AJ).

But everybody loves them some Howie D. Let’s look at our favorite things about Mr. Sweet D himself.


1. The wink.

2. The way he puts up with Nick picking on him.

3. He’s a good father that teaches his son the important lessons in life, like the shaky shaky coochie coochie.

4. The ‘Bon Jovi’ haircut

5. The salsa dancing  in the middle of a song

6. His smile.

7. One video: “Quit Playing Games With My Heart”

8. The way he picks at Nick.

9. Shaky Shaky Coochie Coochie

10. How crazy he gets at after parties. 

Howard. You freakin’ rock.

3 thoughts on “Howie Dorough: 10 things about Sweet D that we love

  1. I love this and I als love Howie!!!! These are all reasons why I love him.Lol at the salsa dancing,he does do that though.The quit playing games video is my favorite because of him!

  2. Underrated indeed, he’s my fave Boy! So many reasons to love this sweety pie. His voice and laugh are way too adorable to describe in words. When he sings in Spanglish, I melt into a helpless puddle. ;D

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