“As long as we have our fanswe can conquer anything.” – Nick Carter


Site Timeline

  • May 2014: Boy On The Block was created as a Buzzfeed-type website for Boy Band fans.
  • January 2016: Changed to The Fangirling Life to focus more on fangirling and things that Karah enjoyed. 
  • December 2019: Changed to BSBFangirls.com. 

About BSBFangirls.com


Building websites has been in my (Karah) blood since 1998 when I first started dabbling in web design. After owning several sites, including a very popular fan fiction website called My Confession for years, I stopped – websites, fan fiction – everything. 

In 2013, I created Boys on the Block after my “Fangirling” column at work became so popular, a former boss suggested I turn it into a website. Once I received over 200,000 hits in one day, causing the site to crash. 

After a while, I felt like the site wasn’t needed. I was questioning myself and so many other sites had come along, so I decided I wanted to focus on another kind of writing – different things that made me happy besides Backstreet Boys, even though they continued to be a main subject on the site. 

With various things happening in my life and the fact that in 2018, I barely updated, I knew what I needed to do – go back to my happiness – Backstreet Boys. 

I’ve had the BSBFangirls name on social media for the site for a few years now, and I was originally going to keep this site as TheFangirlingLife.com until I got a free domain with my hosting package and picked BSBFangirls.com. The more I started working on it, the more I realized that’s what I wanted. 

I know that I have so many friends who are creative and are amazing, so I want to give them a place where their voice can be heard also.